First post

Right, so I figure it would be useful to have some sort of blog here to keep track of the things I'm doing, so at least I don't forget them! Luckily, ikiwiki makes it rather trivial to include such a section, so here it is. Don't expect a weekly feature-length article - it's more of an archived status update. Plus there might be interesting snippets here from time-to-time, or maybe mini-guides if I find something useful that I can't be bothered (or isn't big enough) to turn into a proper guide - I'll tag them as appropriate.

And to all of you out in I2P-space who are actually taking the time to visit my eepsite and have a look around: thanks for stopping by, and hopefully you find something of use here - that's what it's for! Info requests or inquiries or whatever are always welcome; feel free to contact me, and I'll try to reply in a semi-timely manner :-P