I2P Android dev the fourth

The fourth development release (0.9.10-3_b4-API8) is out. This is a release candidate! I am working through the required-for-release TODO list so I can push these changes out in the official release builds, because the best way to find all the bugs and issues is to increase the userbase. Please test this build and report any problems you have, so I can fix them in the next release candidate.

The main changes

  • The main console has been completely revamped for simplicity.
  • An image based on the I2P logo clearly shows the current router status.
  • A list of running tunnels is displayed so users can see what is ready.
  • The in-depth router status is hidden by default. There is a config option in the "Advanced" section to optionally display it.
  • There is an AIDL interface from which the router status can be queried. This allows any Android app to include support for checking if the I2P router is running or not.
  • This interface should NOT be considered stable yet. If you want to use it in your app, keep watch for changes.
  • The inbuilt web browser has been disabled for security. Web links now open the standard Android picker for choosing a web browser.
  • The navigation drawer first-use mechanics now match the Android design pattern. The drawer will always open when the app is started, until the user opens the drawer themselves with a swipe. From then, the drawer will never open itself.

Other changes

  • Subscriptions can be manually reloaded from the Addressbook menu
  • Fixed a crash in the Addressbook
  • Fixed a NPE in the NetDB view
  • Reworked the notification bar, shows more info in "bigText" mode
  • Reworked Log views
  • Default log level can now be configured in settings
  • Added Nameless IRC to default tunnel lists
  • Various improvements to two-pane view for tablets
  • Added an About page to the main console menu