I2P Android dev the second

The second alpha release ( is out. I didn't expect to release a new build so quickly, but zzz and sponge pointed out that I had messed up the router control code when I migrated to Fragments. The router control code needs to be in every single Activity, in case the router crashes or stops temporarily and needs to be restarted from whatever Activity is visible. This puts it right alongside the nav drawer code, and should make the router service as stable as the current release. Please test and report back :-)

Other changes in this dev build:

  • The version naming fix from the stable branch has been pulled in (four-digit versions are now supported, and the API version refers to the minimum version needed, not the target version).
  • The router start/stop actions have been removed from the action bar (there is no need for them because the main control page is easily accessible through the nav drawer).
  • The remaining button links on the main page have been moved temporarily to the nav drawer, until better homes are prepared.
  • The WebFragment is now encapsulated in a WebActivity (again).
  • Selecting a domain in the Addressbook now opens the domain in a separate Activity instead of in the same Activity, which fixes the two-pane issue.

⚠️ There is a known problem with the Peers screen: while rendering the status HTML, the UPnP manager tries to talk to the network. Starting in API 11 (Honeycomb), Android doesn't allow network calls on the main thread, and kills the app. This will not be a problem once the dedicated router stats Activity is created. I am leaving the Peers screen link in for older devices, but users with newer devices should treat it as broken.